Jagruti Women's Group

Jagruti Women’s Group was formed in 1986.  The aim of the group is to provide appropriate activities and to promote healthy living in the community.  To combat isolation and make Asian ladies to be Self confident.


To make them aware of various health issues and bring confidence in themselves to do their own work like going to the surgery, hospital appointments, dentist, optician rather than depending on their families. Educate them by encouraging them to join English classes, computer classes.


In 1984 one of the founder member Shardadevi A Patel recognized the need for elderly women who were isolated and needed the encouragement to come out of their house.  They used to meet once a week for couple hours.  The group held some activities like reading, knitting, socialising etc. The members worked really hard to get this group going.  The council was approached for a grant. Within a year about 50 ladies were attending the group.


We decided to officially register the group as Jagruti Women’s Group and applied for grant to hire Winterbourne Youth Centre. In 1988 the grant was approved and we moved to Winterbourne Youth Centre.


The attendance each week is between 60-110 members this meets with the Health and Safety requirements of the venue.


Previous activities have been continued and in addition Sports day, food preparation competitions, Trips to Leicester, Birmingham and Isle of Wight are amongst some of the activities carried out.  In future the Committee members will try their best to increase activities as per member’s request.  Some of the members have undertaken Computer lessons and have showed interest in learning the English language.  


Initially this was funded by Croydon Council, since there has not been any further funds from the Council, from 2011 Jagruti Women’s Group is funded by Donations, Charity and Fundraising.  An official committee members and governance document was obtained.  From then onwards Jagruti started to grow big and we have a membership of approximately 180. 


We have been providing services for Asian ladies since 1986...